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Dark Academia Outfits For 2024 | Dark Academia Style Guide

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What is aesthetic dark academia style? 

Dark Academia is best described as passion for classic literature, poetry, academic culture and of course for reading and learning. It is one of the most popular trends of 2024 with a strong indicators that this style will continue gaining it's popularity this year as well! The person that is fully immersed in this aesthetic dark academia style spends most of the days in a dusty library or museum, watches old, classic movies, writes poetry and well... studies a lot! Their primary focus will always be intellectual and artistic development blended in their very own aesthetic style.

Whether you're looking for dark academia outfits inspiration or just want to add a few of it's iconic fashion pieces and create something even more unique, check out our aesthetic dark academia clothes and accessories that are trending right now!

Dark Academia Outfits

Dark academia outfits have it's specific color palette consisting of shades of brown, gray, navy blue, burgundy and off green colorsWhen it comes to dark academia style of clothes, the first things you should look for are oversize jackets, turtlenecks, high-waisted plaid pants, checkered skirts and loose, woven sweaters


dark academia clothes


Dark Academia Accessories

Dark academia accessories play just as important role in overall dark academia outfit look as the clothing pieces. Choose your grandmother style watch, clear, round glasses, lather type bag or backpack that can fit all the books that you need (ideally vintage looking or with a sign of several years of wearing) and few jewelry pieces with a like of small necklace or earrings (gold color, delicate jewelry pieces will work best!). 


dark academia accessories


Dark Academia Shoes

To complete your dark academia look you will also need a thick sole, vintage style leather shoes, plaid scarf and maybe a beret that will keep you warm a a cold day. This style is not meant to show off your figure, quite the opposite! It focuses on keeping you warm during cooler days at the library and comfortable while spending your time reading, learning or listening to some of the classical music.   


dark academia shoes



Is Dark Academia Outfit something that you would like to try? Comment below and check out our aesthetic fashion online shop HERE for even more dark academia outfits inspiration.

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