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Top Grunge Fairycore Outfits

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What is Grunge Fairycore?

To simplify, the grunge fairycore style is a mixture of cottagecore, fairycore and grunge aesthetic which creates this earthy, dark and at the same time mystical, out of this world look. The style has been popularized by social media, especially TikTok and Instagram and it is now one of the top types of aesthetic searched for on the internet! Grunge fairycore look is still very much trending right now so if you are in love with this type of aesthetic, check out our top grunge fairycore outfits now.

How To Dress In Grunge Fairycore?

Grunge fairycore is inspired by nature. This means that it includes patters and colors seen in the forest or field, in animals or plants. The grunge side of this style will also include darker shades and edginess. 

The basics of grunge fairycore aesthetic wardrobe starts with the most common item which is earthy, dark color skirt. From our experience, we think that long skirts paired with heavy boots work best but we also have seen great grunge fairycore look accomplished by having dark mini skirt paired with black fishnet or ripped tights, leg warmers and again added heavy/dark platform boots to complete the overall look. 

Oversized hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters and cardigans also fit the overall grunge fairycore style. To achieve the eye catching look, always choose edgy patterns or graphics. Layering your clothes is also very popular when it comes to grunge fairycore and its best achieved by opting for lighter fabrics with contrasted colors with a like of dark brown/black mixed with white or beige.

Another piece of clothing that fits well in this type of aesthetic is a corset. It will go perfectly with your jeans, skirt or a dress and can be easily layered with your other clothing pieces.


grunge fairycore outfits


Grunge Fairycore Accessories

Accessories play important part in this type of aesthetic look. We recommend to experiment with layered silver color jewelry, edgy rings and bracelets, mushroom or fairy style earrings etc. Additionally opt for dark color messenger/one shoulder bag, leg warmers, finger-less gloves and of course head scarf for a complete grunge fairycore look.
 grunge fairycore
Is grunge fairycore something that you would like to try? Comment below and check out our aesthetic fashion online shop HERE for even more grunge fairycore outfits inspirations.

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