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Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

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Picking apples in a home orchard, making your own preserves, aroma of the freshly baked bread, reading a book in the privacy of your garden while drinking tea from a English porcelain cup. This is where cottagecore comes in - a trend that celebrates a return to nature, to the countryside and to the simple way of life. Cottagecore is about feeling good and safe. It also creates this idealistic picture of living in rural areas, surrounded with unspoiled nature to the point that it may sound a bit naive to some of us. After all, life in the countryside was never as simple as pictured on pretty Instagram posts that are marked with this hashtag. Everything looks so beautiful and seems so effortless. There is no sign of killing animals for meat or a hard work in the fields. It all does not matter though. Cottagecore creates this idealistic lifestyle that we all crave from time to time, where we can block out the noise of the modern world and go back to just simple way of living. 

 cottagecore aesthetic outfit


When it comes to cottagecore aesthetic outfit, there are certain rules of this style that apply to our aesthetic wardrobe - natural, airy and comfortable materials, dresses decorated with lace, flowery cardigans, 90's style shorts and pants. Cottegecore aesthetic outfit should look like we have just woken up in some cozy countryside cottage. Simplicity is the key here, so there is no need for excessive jewelry or make up. Less is more! 

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cottagecore aesthetic outfit

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