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Old Money Aesthetic | Fashion Guide

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 What Is Old Money Aesthetic?

Old money itself refers to wealth that has been inherited from the past generations. Some of the more known families that are associated with the term ''old money' are the Kennedy`s, Rockefeller`s or The Hartwick family. 

The concept of old money is not new, but in the recent years it has really gain its popularity on social media like Tik Tok and Instagram and has evolved into its own aesthetic style. Old Money Aesthetic includes elegant fashion, etiquette, femininity and luxury, but without being seen as too pretentious.

Old Money Aesthetic Look

If you want to achieve old money aesthetic it's best to start from taking a closer look at your wardrobe and think about which clothes would fit the old money look best and which you should probably put aside for now.

Remember that old money aesthetic look does not have a place for tight, too much revealing tops (unless it is a top that you can hide under a sweater or shirt) or baggie jumpers. The most important element of old money aesthetic type clothes is that they should compliment your figure. They should be well fit, but not too tight.  Your shirt blouse for example should be fasten freely around your chest but fit tightly around your waist to highlight your figure. 

Your make-up should look natural so it's best to avoid any non-neutral colors like blue, green or purple. Focus on browns, beige or light pink colors instead. The same rule applies when it comes to your hair. Your hair should look natural and healthy.

old money aesthetic

Old Money Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

Knowing how to skillfully create old money aesthetic look can be useful when it comes to making a good first impression and to fit in the environment or at the event where wealthy people usually attend (charity events, theatre, horse riding competitions etc.) 

Remember, you don't have to win the lottery to create old money aesthetic look. Even with a small budget, you can still create the classy look. See our top old money aesthetic outfit proposals below and tell us what you think?

old money outfits

Old Money Aesthetic Accessories

 Always try to complement your old money aesthetic look with a few accessories. Delicate, gold or silver necklace will always add nobility and class to your outfit. This could also be a small brooch, gold color watch, scarf or earrings. Remember, when it comes to this style ''less is more'' so don't overdo it. One or two pieces that will add a bit of shine to your outfit are just perfect.

old money style

Remember The Perfume

A good-quality, delicate fragrance is a must for anyone who wants to look like old money. Remember not to spray to much of your perfume on yourself.  A real old money aesthetic girl uses her fragrance in moderation and elegance.

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