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Top 5 Aesthetic Christmas Outfits

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With Christmas around the corner we all look forward to trying our grandma Christmas cake, sipping mulled wine and gather again with our friends and families. We also start to think about which Christmas outfits to choose this year. There are so many cute festive outfits to choose from so we've decided to pick for you our top 5 Christmas outfit ideas depending on the occasion. Whether you planning to attend a Christmas party with friends, having dinner with family or you just simply want to add a bit of Christmas Spirit to your everyday casual look - we got you covered!

 Which aesthetic Christmas outfits for this Christmas 2021 should you choose? Check out our top 5 aesthetic Christmas outfit ideas now!



aesthetic christmas outfit


For Christmas party we chose to opt for our all time classic mini dress in one of the festive colors. We then added black color tights/stocking, high heels and to keep us warm black color jacket. To complete the look, we also recommend to add a few gold color accessories with a like of belt, earrings or a stylish necklace.  If you only have a "little black dress" in your wardrobe, you can still easily achieve the similar look with addition of a few accessories in red color instead. 


aesthetic christmas outfits


When it comes to Christmas dinner with family, the key is to add charm and at the same time to don't look too controversial when meeting elder, more conservative family members. That is why for this occasion we opt for a plain, festive color sweater (our color suggestions would be white, red, burgundy or dark green) and combined it white color shirt with an idea of the collar to be visible which will add elegance to the overall look. We then added black color mini shirt (just above the knee length) and high heels to emphasize your figure. We also didn't forget about accessories that will add a bit of shine to your overall look. A leather watch, gold color necklace or earrings can really change the character of the entire outfit.

aesthetic christmas outfits

The perfect Christmas morning look for us is simply Christmas theme onesie accompanied by knitted socks or cute slippers. Christmas morning is about opening presents left by Santa the night before so why not try to add a bit of fun and coziness to your look! 


aesthetic christmas outfits

Even when going for a short walk in the park you can still add a bit of festive feel to your look! All you need to do is add a few little accents to your outfit in red, gold or green color. This could be a belt, a scarf tied around your neck, hat or a shiny jewelry. 


aesthetic christmas outfits


If you already decided what Christmas outfit you will wear for this upcoming Christmas season, then the last thing that's left is to take care of accessories that will fully complete your outfit. Do not be afraid to experiment with decorative and shiny accessories that will add an extra bling in the light of Christmas candles. The number one accessories to go to is of course, jewelry pieces in gold color but it could also be a small brooch, purse or elegant hair pin. Options are endless so check out our online aesthetic shop now!


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