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Top Aesthetic Hoodie Outfits

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Aesthetic hoodie is a great option for someone who likes comfort, functionality and prefers to keep things simple. A good quality aesthetic hoodie, which not only looks great but feels comfortable and is made of high quality materials is a must have for any lover of aesthetic fashion! Cooler evenings, cozy days at home, walk in the park or day at school - no matter what you do, aesthetic hoodie is the perfect fashion piece to have on!
In our collection of aesthetic hoodies which you can find by clicking HERE, you will discover unique designs that are created for those who want to stand out and for those who prefer to remain unnoticed. We have a great variety of different colors and patterns so that everyone can find something just for themselves! 
Would you like to know how to wear your aesthetic hoodie? Here are few ideas for aesthetic hoodie outfits that will make you stand out from the crowd and add a dose of personality to your look! Check out now!


Skinny pants are not the only thing that goes well with a hoodie. Your aesthetic hoodie will look just perfect when combined with 90's style 'mom jeans' or even checkered style pants. Choose a hoodie that is thin enough to tuck inside your jeans and add on top one of your t-shirt’s with a interesting graphic design. Having your hoodie tucked inside your jeans will give an opportunity to expose your belt so make sure to choose the one that will fit your overall look. In our proposal we chose a heart buckle belt with a rainbow chain attached to it, which we thought would go perfectly with the 'Emotionally Exhausted' T-shirt. We have also added our Heart Buckle Boots for the final aesthetic touch!


aesthetic hoodie outfits



Hoodie and skirt? Why not! It would seem that aesthetic hoodie is reserved only for styling with pants but nothing could be further from the truth! For our ultimate aesthetic hoodie plus skirt outfit we opt for dark color mini skirt with eye catching cut on the side and pair it with one of our most popular aesthetic hoodies for this season. To complete the look we added black, chunky boots and a dark green plaid backpack.


aesthetic hoodie outfits



Long enough aesthetic hoodie could easily be used as a dress! In this outfit we choose black color hoodie with Japanese style dragon graphic design, fishnet tights, chunky boots and black rose mini backpack. To complete the look, we also added gold jewelry pieces and for those that like a bit of an extra edgy look,  a little belt that can be tide around your leg! 


aesthetic hoodie outfits


Which is your favorite aesthetic hoodie outfit? Would you like us to add more ideas? Comment below!

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