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Top 20 Types Of Aesthetics | Most Popular Types Of Aesthetics In 2024

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Aesthetic fashion takes it's inspiration from many areas of our life. What we choose to wear is often influenced by the choice of music we listen, favorite movies, history, art, current events and even our state of mind. It's important to know that each of us is different the types of aesthetics we choose is definitely the way to express yourself and show your uniqueness to everyone around you. Knowing different types of aesthetics can be helpful if we are still struggling to define our own style or if we need a bit of inspiration with upgrading our wardrobe.

For that reason, in this article, we would like to introduce to you our Top 20 Different Types of Aesthetics that are trending right now! Get inspired and don't forget to leave a comment about your favorite types of aesthetics.

Top 20 Types Of Aesthetics


y2k aesthetic

Y2K aesthetic is inspired by the late 90's and year 2000- around the time when internet was just starting to become broadly accessible. The actual Y2K term refers to the year 2000, which was expected to cause computers to go crazy with the 1999/2000 date change. The Y2K aesthetic style is best described as futuristic with a strong dose of 90's inspiration. Chunky sneakers, bright colors, shiny pants, futuristic sunglasses etc. The colors of this style are mainly angry pink, green/neon or purple.


 cottagecore aesthetic

Cottagecore is on of the types of aesthetics that is strongly connected with idealistic image of countryside living. Picking strawberries, making your own bread, reading a book in your garden, surrounded by nature - that's when cottagecore comes to play. 

When it comes to cottagecore aesthetic style, natural, breathable materials, dresses and cardigans with floral accents, 90's style shorts or pants are the most popular choices. Simplicity and natural look is the key here!


 dark academia aesthetic

Both, dark and light academia aesthetics are best described as types of aesthetics with a strong passion for academic lifestyle, poetry, literature and of course devotion for reading and learning. Someone who likes dark/light academia aesthetic will often spend their time in a library, museum, watching classic movies or reading poetry. 

Dark/Light academia aesthetic style usually consists of turtleneck or oversized sweater, plaid skirt or pants, blazer etc. The main difference between light and dark academia is the choice of color pallet. For dark academia opt for shades of brown, gray, navy blue, burgundy and off green colors and for light academia - shades of beige, white and light brown.


kawaii aesthetic

Kawaii is the Japanese word that stands for anything cute. The kawaii aesthetic became popular in the 90's and is inspired by a mixture of goth, sweet pastel colors and manga. To dress kawaii, it's best to start with the most iconic clothing pieces which are school uniform type plaid skirt and shirt with a bow. Kawaii aesthetic style wardrobe won't also function without a pastel color jacket, sweatshirt with attached ears and tails, and the all time kawaii classic Hello Kitty and other anime prints


grunge aesthetic

Grunge aesthetic style gained its peak in the 1990s, but we can clearly see that this style will never really go out of fashion. Thanks to rebellious young generation that take its inspiration largely from the 90's, the grunge look will always appeal to the tastes of many young people. Grunge aesthetic is one of those types of aesthetics that can be summarized as worn, dark color sweaters or jumpers, heavy boots, faded t-shirts, flannel shirts and ripped jeans or dark color mini skirt - that's what grunge is mostly made of. The rule is to look rebellious and manifest your own individuality.  


vintage aesthetic

When we talk about vintage aestheticwe don't just mean clothes or items that were made decades ago. It's a lot more than just going through your grandma's wardrobe and finding those beautiful pants and tops that are impossible to find in the shops these days. Vintage aesthetic takes its inspiration from the past but always add a bit of its own personality and uniqueness to it. In the end, that's what makes it aesthetic - combining old and new together!


 vsco aesthetic

The term VSCO came from the name of application that is used to edit photos. The app allows you to add filters to photos and make them look well...more aesthetic. A typical VSCO aesthetic girl would be best described as someone that focuses on being natural, cares deeply about the environment, self-love and is generally active on social media with a like of TikTok and Instagram. VSCO aesthetic style consists of oversized sweatshirt or t-shirt, vans, jean shorts and plenty of accessories with a like of a shell necklace, reusable Hydro Flask water bottle, metal straws, friendship type bracelets etc. 


Egirl aesthetic

E-girls made their first appearance in 2009 and at the time they were known more as gamers and active internet users. It was up until 2017 when their image changed and with Tik Tok becoming popular among the young generation, E-girls became the new 'it girls''.  The eGirl aesthetic look has a mixture of dark and sweet appearance - strong eye makeup, heart shape stamps under eyes and colored hair. Their outfits often includes, high-waisted pants or plaid mini skirt, mesh crop tops paired up with heavy boots.


 soft girl aesthetic

Soft girl belongs to the types of aesthetics that focuses on feminine, sweet and an innocent look. It is best described as a dreamy, playful style with a strong dose of cuteness. Staples to soft girl aesthetic outfit usually include pastel color plaid skirt or light blue jeans paired with oversized sweater or top. Accessories with a like of pastel color hair clips or scrunchies, lip gloss and anything that will add cuteness to the overall look is also welcomed.


 indie aesthetic

The indie aesthetic is focused mainly on independent thinking and passion for handmade and unique clothes that are found in vintage or second hand shops. Indie aesthetic look combines quirkiness and a bit of colorful hippie style. A typical indie aesthetic girl would choose to wear low-rise denim jeans, bright color crop top and oversized hoodie or a jumper. To complete the look it's best to opt for one of the iconic indie aesthetic accessories with a like of mushroom themed earrings or necklaces and bandanna that is either tight around the neck or work as a headband.


 fairycore aesthetic

Fairycore aesthetic is inspired by nature and has a strong dose of mysticalearthy and almost out of this world feel to it. It includes patterns and colors seen in the forest, animals and plants. To dress faicycore it's best to start with a dark off green color or brown skirt and pair it with black fishnet or ripped tights. Heavy platform boots, long hand warmers and couple jewelry pieces in a fairy/forest type of theme (frogs, mushrooms, crystals etc.) will also work well. 


 art hoe aesthetic

The art hoe aesthetic is focus mainly on passion for art and creativity. It has a strong connection with nature, plants and visual art. The style usually combines warm colors with a like of orange, red or green and a some form of artistic add on's. This could be a graphic tee with interesting painting design, floral pattern or a quote from an artist, hand painted pants or unusual cut out dress or top. Art hoe look is about feeling comfortable (nothing too tight) and being able to express your artistic soul!


 baddie aesthetic

The main characteristics of this types of aesthetics is the powerful and feminine look, confidence as well as a huge dose of attitude. A Baddie Aesthetic girl likes to wear tight clothes with a like of jeans and crop tops that highlight her figure, chunky sneakers, strong make up and of course... lots of accessories! Belt chains, provocative jewelry or cool sunglasses will always uplift your baddie aesthetic look.


 vaporwave aesthetic

Vaporwave aesthetic is one of the types of aesthetics that has a surreal 80's/90's style, often mixed with Greek, ancient statues. The color palette usually has a lighter base of pastel colors, with pink, purple and teal often paired together. It also often relies on 2D and 3D computer generated graphics with purposely distorted pictures that creates that television static impression. What’s old is new again with a touch of nostalgic feel.


 old money aesthetic

The old money term refers to wealth that has been inherited from the past generations rather then earned from once own work. Some of the more known families that are associated with the term ''old money' are the Kennedy`sRockefeller`s or The Hartwick family. The old money aesthetic is about elegant fashion, etiquette, femininity and luxury, but without being seen as too pretentious. The most popular examples of old money aesthetic fashion pieces are preppy style sweaters and pants, button-down shirts, blouse etc. 


 angelcore aesthetic

Angelcore aesthetic is the combination of soft and feminine style with addition of angelic themed fashion pieces. It is an aesthetic strongly inspired by European imagery and symbology of angels. To dress angelcore, it's best to start with soft girl, pastel fashion pieces or light color vintage items and then adding a few accessories with a like of silver cherubs, ribbon style necklaces or a heart shaped buckle belt. 


 kidcore aesthetic

Kidcore aesthetic is characterized with a childish theme, nostalgia for 90's & 80's and bright, happy colors with a like of blue, pink and yellow. It's most recognizable attributes are 90's style kids toys, accessories and even sweets with most noticeable being tamagocci, gummy bears and Takashi Murakami rainbow flowerThe most iconic kidcore fashion pieces include 90's high waisted pants or shorts with colorful patches, rainbow stripe socks, rainbow tops, sneakers with colorful shoe lases.


 butterfly aesthetic

Butterfly aesthetic is mainly based on the admiration for well... butterflies. Butterfly itself has a symbolic meaning and is representing transformation, change and spiritual rebirth. Style in this type of aesthetic will involve adding butterfly motif on clothing like a t-shirt, crop top, pants and accessories.


 skater girl aesthetic

Skater girl aesthetic is generally a look that feels comfortable and won't affect the movement while skateboarding. Loose sweatshirts, graphic tees and pants combined together in a way that makes you look rebellious and at the same time will reflect your personality and uniqueness. The style is quite casual with a bit of an attitude added it to it.


ethereal aesthetic

Ethereal aesthetic is mainly focused on the feel and look of being very delicate and airy, almost like if you would be out of this world. To dress in ethereal aesthetic style, it's best to start with a light and airy fabric like satin or silk. This could be a crop top under your cardigan or a dress. The overall look should be casual and very feminine with light colors of white, beige or pastel pink being your the base of your outfit. 

For more types of aesthetics and ideas on how to wear aesthetic clothing check out our online store - All Things Rainbow.

Which of the types of aesthetics is your favorite? Comment below! 




March 26, 2024

I am a mix between the badie and also the western. I am from the south, and i wear western clothes but i also wear the clothes that are like the badie. I really hope that it makes scense but still. I am a weird aesthetic(s).


February 6, 2024

im kinda basic sooooo….. but good job!!!


February 2, 2024

Your weblog superbly captures the essence of more than a few aesthetics, making it a pleasant ride thru a world of colorations and styles. Each kind is expertly detailed, imparting a incredible information for all and sundry searching to discover and categorical their special aesthetic. Kudos to the All Things Rainbow crew for curating such an inspiring and visually lovely collection.


February 2, 2024

I LOVE THISSS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. this helped me to see how much more °AESTHETICS’° in the world and I just wrote in m y notebook and in listed all my fav and you should do the same.

-from your friendly neighborhood °OUTLAW_TIC°


January 31, 2024

I LOVE THIS SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I’m RN writing in my notebook and listing all my fav aesthetics and i listed soooo much more than just googling it myself, this helped me alot! THX ALOT!! (the word alot should be in 1 grouping in my opinion XD


December 20, 2023

I still don’t know my aesthetic, how do you find or know your aesthetic?

🦋❤♥devi fave❤♥🦋

December 6, 2023

am all lol=) ☺☺☺

Zoey Krauss

November 27, 2023

There is not my esthetic on there 😔

nothing To See Here

October 16, 2023

Help Am I A Cottage Core, Fairy Core, Softie, Grunge, academia, or kawaii😭😭?!?!!!???

Jess Toys

September 8, 2023

aAaAa ItS sO pReTtYyy


August 16, 2023

Idk if im a scater girl Or visco girl!
I’m confused about what aesthetic I alm!

alice & cj

May 9, 2023

alice: thanks, all of them are cute! cj: i cant find my aesthetic :(

Emily Acea-Diaz

January 23, 2023
Please do part two

jhon sanches

November 7, 2022

Hi umm can you do vintage asthetic PLS


September 22, 2022

This was super helpful thank u sm! I got more then one aestetic i loved/ liked! Tysm! <3
Have a good day – Cara/C4RA


July 25, 2022



July 16, 2022

Tysm! Can You Do Part 2? Ideas:
Have a good Day!

Emma kate

June 6, 2022

what are aesthtestic re you if you like neon and pastel colours
and you say bro alot

All Things RAinbow

May 15, 2022

Dear Kaylin,

No problem at all, we will add it on!:-)


May 15, 2022

If you ever do another one of these, can you add alternate?

call me ann

May 3, 2022

can you do a unicorn core aesthetic one too!
Thank :)

Chau Ank

February 28, 2022

Love this detailed description ’bout all these diffrent styles and beautiful pictures.
This is sooo helpful! Thanks u guys so much! <3


January 14, 2022

LOVE THIS!!!! I love to write myself and this really opened up my eyes to how many different styles there really are out there! You do u boo!

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