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Coquette Aesthetic Style | Coquette Aesthetic Guide

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Coquette Aesthetic | Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Reaching more than 2.5 Bil views on tik tok and over 470 K posts on Instagram, the coquette aesthetic has clearly been very popular for some time now. Want to know why coquette aesthetic is so popular and how to create your outfit, choose accessories and decorate your room in this so unique aesthetic style? Read on!


Quick Coquette Aesthetic Guide | Key Points

What Is Coquette Aesthetic?

Coquette Aesthetic Essentials

Coquette Aesthetic Make Up Guide

Coquette Aesthetic Accessories

Coquette Aesthetic Clothes

Coquette Aesthetic Shoes

Coquette Aesthetic Room Decor


What Is Coquette Aesthetic?

The literal meaning of the word ''coquette'' is ''a flirtatious woman'' and represents youthfulness and playfulness. The coquette aesthetic focuses on femininity, flirtatiousness and fun loving personality

The Coquette aesthetic is also connected to balletcore, soft girl aesthetic and angelcore with similarities such as light pastel color palettefemininity and small dose of vintage notes


Coquette Aesthetic Make Up & Hair Style Guide

Coquette make up is soft and natural. Dewy skin, rosy cheeks and pastel eye-shadows is the perfect starting point. You can complete the look by adding red or pink color lipstick, lip gloss and you are ready to go! 

When it comes to coquette aesthetic hair styles, it's best to opt for a natural look as well. Loose hair, braids or a simple pony tail with a added cute little ribbon or a bow work best when it comes to this type of aesthetic.

coquette make up

 Coquette Aesthetic Accessories

Coquette aesthetic accessories are without any doubt a hit this season. Lace ankle socks, pearls, heart shape sunglasses and jewelry pieces, french perfumes, hair bow ties - just to name a few. Anything with a bit of vintage flare and playfulness will be perfect! Our online aesthetic clothes shop has it all so check out our full collection of coquette accessories now!


coquette accessories

Coquette Aesthetic Clothes

Classy yet playful, baby doll dresses, floral sundresses, rompers, short mini skirts with laces in white, light pink or blue color, denim shorts. Those are the most iconic coquette style clothes. Patterns include cherry, plaid or floral motifs. Your look should be embracing your bubbly and playful personalityhyper feminine and seem almost innocent at first. Below are a few examples of coquette aesthetic clothing that we think represent this style best.


 coquette skirts

Coquette style mini skirt should be have their own place in every wardrobe. It could be your very base for creating many unique coquette style outfits. The lace type of mini skirt will go very well with an elegant type of outfit as well as with a more casual look. Are you wondering what to pair your coquette skirt with? Start with adding on one of our coquette style tops and cardigans that you can find on our coquette collection. To complete the look, opt for fishnet type tights or lace ankle socks and then add on one of our chunky heel shoes.


coquette dresses

Coquette style dresses have been in fashion for some time now. They are perfect for creating a romantic summer look or to wear on a date. Opt for light color and floral accents and add on few of our coquette accessories (pearls or heart shape necklace, cute handbag, hair clip etc.)


coquette clothing

Coquette style tops are without any doubt the most feminine type of clothing you could wear this summer! Top with added laces and little bows have that vintage romantic feel about them and whats more important they are also so universal. You can wear them with pants, skirt or shorts and they will never disappoint! A must have in every coquette style wardrobe.

Sweaters & Cardigans

coquette clothes

Coquette type of sweaters and cardigans are the perfect addition during summer days. They are usually light weight and will go perfectly with any coquette type of look. Wear them on warm summer evenings on top of your dress or crop top of your choice.


coquette clothes

Coquette pants usually have light blue, white or pink color. There is no strict rule as how they should look like but we believe that the more eye catchy and innocent lookalike the better! This could be a little heart shape belt or a high tie add on around the waist or a cute heart shape cut out

Coquette Aesthetic Shoes

coquette shoes

To complete your coquette style outfit (depending on what type of coquette aesthetic outfit you opt for) add on one of your chunky types of heels, Mary Jane`s or Dr marten`s type of shoes. Don't be afraid to experiment with different type of styles and colors to see what really works well and whats not. The options are limitless!


Where To Shop Coquette Aesthetic Clothes?

If you are looking for something really unique that nobody else can find then it's best to start with thrift stores. You will need to invest a bit of your time and patience and the end effect will definitely be worth your effort. You can also check out your mum and grandma wardrobe. The chances are that you might find something really special that you just combined with the clothes that you already have. The other option would be also to visit our aesthetic online shop. We have wide collection of coquette style clothes and accessories that will help you to build your dream coquette aesthetic outfit.

What Other Aesthetic Styles Go Well With The Coquette Aesthetic?

Aesthetic styles that have many similarities with coquette aesthetic and will work really well when combined together are : soft girl aesthetic, angelcore, old money aesthetic, royalcore, balletcore, vintage and even some accents from y2k aesthetic could do well when mixed together.

How To Decorate My Room In The Coquette Aesthetic Style? 

You can opt for vintage style furniture or just simply add a few coquette style accents with a like of hanging flowers or garlands, vintage style mirror, floral pattern bedding, heart shape cushions, floral pattern wallpaper etc. For more ideas on coquette aesthetic room decor check click HERE.

coquette room decor

We hope you enjoyed this article. For more coquette outfit ideas and inspiration, check out our coquette collection and create your dream coquette aesthetic outfit today!

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