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Skater Girl Aesthetic Outfits

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The days when skateboarding was considered a boys type of activity are long gone! Today girls are taking over the skateboards and are making a real statement when it comes to aesthetic skater girl style in everyday fashion!

How Does A Skater Girl Aesthetic Outfits Look Like?

Aesthetic skater girl outfit is not just about sweatshirts and pants "from an older brother". It's about creating that rebellious, eye catching look that reflects the personality and uniqueness. In this blog, we have prepared for you a few ideas to help you to get inspired and to find the perfect aesthetic skater girl outfit that combines comfort, causal feel and your unique style. Check out now! 

Skater Girl Aesthetic Outfit no. 1

skater girl fashion 

Our first skater girl aesthetic outfit proposal is designed to catch everyone's eye! This skate-punk style will give you an optimized rebellious look. Oversized neon green pants combined with long sleeve black crop top, gold color jewelry and white chunky sneakers. 

Skater Girl Aesthetic Outfit no. 2

skater look girl

A slightly milder version of skater girl look with black and white checkered pattern shown in it's full glory! Checkered style clothes will probably never go out of fashion and it's such a aesthetic 90's look as well! To add some color, match you checkered style pants with vibrant color loose t-shirt, classic old school vans and matching accessories with a like of checkered style phone case or socks. Complete the look by adding silver color jewelry pieces that best reflect who you are!

 Skater Girl Aesthetic Outfit no. 3

skater style girl

Fancy a summer skater girl outfit with a more feminine version? Try on high waisted, classic denim shorts and pair them up with a black tank top or a crop top. Add on fishnet tights and colorful sneakers for more of a vibrant look and top it up with a few vibrant colorful accessories. To complete the look, add a flannel shirt around your waist and colorful sunglasses. This look is perfect for surfing on the city waves on a warm summer day!

 Skater Girl Aesthetic Outfit no. 4

skater girl aesthetic outfits

The skaters style is usually associated with loose denim pants with straight legs. There is only one rule - skateboard pants should be loose enough so that there is no restriction of movement. In this proposal, we opted for loose jeans with white and black straps sweatshirt. We then added on top one of our 90's style aesthetic t-shirts, cow's print sneakers and cool aesthetic accessories with a like of red rose baseball hat and art hoe style iphone case. If you only just starting to plan your skateboard adventure, then this is probably the most comfortable outfit you can choose from that is sure not restrict your movements.

We hope you like our aesthetic outfit proposals. Please comment below what we think about them!


June 5, 2022

I like outfit number 2 were do I buy it.

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