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Top 10 Back To School Aesthetic Essentials For 2024

Posted by AllThingsRainbow Team on

Going back to school can be difficult, not only because you can feel that the holiday time is soon coming to an end. You might be standing right now in front of your wardrobe and realize that you don't know what to wear for this upcoming school season. Does your aesthetic style need a bit of an upgrade? Check out how to update your aesthetic style and get ready for school without spending a fortune!

In our post we've decided to focus on the top 10 back to school aesthetic essentials! We have put these top 10 pieces together with a strong focus on realities of school in mind - cold classrooms, boring commuting and heavy books!

1. Oversized, Aesthetic Sweater. Perfect for cooler weather and can be worn with 'mom jean's', leggings or cute aesthetic mini skirt!

2. A Cool T-shirt. A top with an interesting graphic design or inscription that reveals the edge of your unique personality it's a must in any aesthetic style wardrobe.

3. Aesthetic Hat. Works perfectly as a cheeky addition to many of your aesthetic outfits. 

4. Aesthetic Backpack. Most important item for your daily school life. Why not choose the one that will go well with your style!

5. 90's Style Windbreaker. Let's be honest, 90's style windbreakers will never go out of fashion. 

6. Aesthetic Pencil Skirt. Pair it with a regular t-shirt or with more official pieces for more formal look transition, like a trip from class to the theater. 

7. Aesthetic Jewelry Pieces. It will upgrade your look instantly. A little extra that makes a difference even with simple white top and jeans. Our most popular are currently four fingers chain rings.  

8. Aesthetic iPhone Cover. Another cute accessory that will show your unique personality. 

9. Aesthetic Backpack Pins. They just add that extra uniqueness to any backpack or school bag.  

10. Aesthetic Ankle Boots. The heel works wonders. These aesthetic ankle boots will be perfect to wear with jeans or a skirt. 

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