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Top Aesthetic Pants

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This is why aesthetic pants are trending right now - for the variety and freedom in creating unique looks that turn heads everywhere we go! Aesthetic jeans are not only the icon of the 90's look, but also an inspiration for creating new fashion styles and original creations that can be seen on the streets and are so often also seen on the latest fashion shows! Discover 90's aesthetic jeans and pants that are trending right now with us! 


In the 90's era, jeans dominated the world of fashion and every teenager`s wardrobe. The most fashionable style of jeans that girls were opting for in the 90's were without any doubt the so called 'mom jeans'' - high-waisted pants made of light denim and often seen with rolled up cuffs. Their aim was to emphasize body shape and waistline.

Bright color as well as classic jeans with unusual cuts, patches or holes were also very popular at the time. They were considered to be the symbol of being rebellious and standing against conservative views and commercialism. They fitted perfectly with the grunge character of the 90's and are also having their big come back right now!

Below are our top 90's style jeans that can help you to get inspired and choose the best shape and cut that fits your style and figure!

 aesthetic jeans


What other pants were fashionable in the 90's? We can say without hesitation that styles with a like of cargo pants with lots of pockets, attached chains and straps were a real hit at the time. Corduroys, which are available in so many different colors, were another popular fashion choice. 

 aesthetic pants



The trend for plaid aesthetic pants started only a few years ago, but because of their neutral colors that can be mixed with so many different fashion pieces, it is safe to say that having a pair of good quality plaid pants is always a good idea. Perfect for pairing up with any crop top, loose sweater or jumper and chunky sneakers.

plaid aesthetic pants


Y2K style covers the late 90's and early 2000's and captures the vibes of millennial's. Y2K style pants are generally known for their vibrant, futuristic colors and positive energy. Perfect for this summer!

y2k pants


Indie aesthetic pants are best described as a good combination of vintage, hipster and retro style, with a strong dose of individuality. In essence indie pants should look handmade, unique and  a little quirky. Below are our top choices!

 indie aesthetic pants


Mom jeans, indie aesthetic, Y2K or maybe simple plaid pants. Which one is your favorite?  Comment below!


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