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Top Aesthetic VSCO Outfits

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What Is VSCO Girl?

What is VSCO Girl and what does the term ''VSCO'' even mean? Lets start from the basics. The term VSCO itself, is the name of application that is used to edit photos. As strange as it may sound, this isn't the first time to refer a trend to a web application or service. One of the most popular trends before VSCO Girls, which some of us might still remember was a trend called ''Tumblr Girls'' which was referred to teenage girls using Tumblr internet platform. 

A typical VSCO Girl would be best described as a young girl that focuses on being natural, cares deeply for the environment, self-care and is very active on social media with a like of TikTok and Instagram. 

Their concern for the environment plays a very important role in this trend. VSCO girl would only use paper straws instead of plastic, use reusable water bottles, recycle rubbish, fight for animal rights and often be a vegetarian or vegan. 

vsco aesthetic

 VSCO Girl Style

VSCO Girl is all about her style. VSCO girl's favorite colors are light blue, turquoise, pastels, mint and warm, bright colors (generally speaking, happy summer colors!). She is a surfer or a skater girl with a natural hair and makeup (if any) that likes to decorate her bedroom with Polaroid photos showing her happy times spent with friend on the beach. 
The typical VSCO Girl wears tank tops, blue jeans and oversize t-shirts and jumpers. Simple jewelry with a like of mouline bracelets or shell chokers and 90's style scrunchies are also a must!

aesthetic vsco

VSCO  Makeup

VSCO Girls are focusing on a natural look. Fresh and radiant complexion, natural long hair and very little makeup is the key here. They like to use Carmex lip balm, face masks and face mists instead of heavy foundation. They rather invest their time in to caring for their skin than putting on heavy make up. Their Instagram photos have often added  #metime or #selfcare hashtags to it.

VSCO Clothes & Accessories

When it comes to wardrobe choices, VSCO Girls opt for crop tops or loose-fitting T-shirts, mom jeans or shorts, Crocs or Vans shoes, and of course lots of accessories with a like of shell chokers, ankle bracelets etc. Every self-respecting VSCO trend follower will also have oversize sweaters, sweatshirts or jumpers and carry with her Kanken brand backpack.

Colorful hairpins and hair bands are also an iconic element of their outfit.

When it come to accessories, no VSCO girl would go without specific items. Check out below list of must have VSCO girl accessories: 

-water bottle (Hydro Flask)
-Carmex lip balm
- mouline type bracelets,
- shell chokers,
- Instax instant camera,
- stickers on laptops and water bottles
-Crocks and Vans


VSCO Outfits Ideas

 VSCO girl outfits are based on retro and vintage style, slightly on the 60s and 90s side. Their look is very casual and with a strong dose of summer feel to it.  Below are our top VSCO outfits for any time of the year. Check out now!

vsco outfits



February 7, 2023

Vsco outfits are really baggy. I hate baggy outfits. Honestly I hate Vsco outfits and the aesthetic apart from starbucks!

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