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Top Indie Aesthetic Outfits Ideas

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What Is Indie Aesthetic?

The indie aesthetic is focused primarily on independence and interest in handmade and unique clothing pieces that you won't find in any average high street fashion store. The desirable outcome that indie aesthetic is aiming for is to look unique and quirky with a strong dose of inspiration from hippie type of style.  

Where To Find Indie Aesthetic Clothes?

Indie aesthetic type of clothing are mostly vintage finds from thrift or second hand shops and are usually mixed with other fashion pieces creating together an indie aesthetic look that represent their personality and uniqueness. Small modifications to vintage style clothes with a like of patches on jackets or jeans or altered t-shirts are also very popular when it comes to indie aesthetic style. For those that don't have time to search through vintage shops, the good alternative would be visiting one of online aesthetic clothes shop where you can find plenty of inspiration when it comes to indie aesthetic clothing. Remember, that indie aesthetic clothing overlaps with hipster clothing so by choosing clothes that are vintage inspired and adding some of indie aesthetic accessories might create a truly unique indie aesthetic look! 

How To Style Indie Aesthetic Clothes? 

Indie aesthetic style is all about tight crop tops, oversized sweaters or jumpers, tennis type skirts and baggy jeans. Opt for colors with a like of pink, green, orange or blue - vibrant colors that are fun to wear and create this nature inspired look!
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Indie Aesthetic Accessories

Colorful and vibrant polymer clay jewelry is one of the most iconic accessories you should aim for when dressing in indie aesthetic style. Another important element that will upgrade any indie aesthetic outfit would be a bandanna that is either tight around the neck or work as a headband. Bucket hats are also a go to item when it comes to headwear, ideally in green, pink or blue color.
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Our Indie Aesthetic Outfits Ideas

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