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Preppy Aesthetic Style | Preppy Outfit Ideas

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Preppy Aesthetic | Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Preppy aesthetic is one of the most trending aesthetic styles right now and it’s beginning we can trace by going back to the 1930s and 1950s when the style was strongly inspired by the uniforms of the most prestigious American universities of all time, including Princeton, Harvard or Yale. The preppy aesthetic style is a combination of elegance and slightly sporty tones added to it. After all, the students of those universities often took active part in sports like tennis, polo, cricket or rugby.

Over time, their style was followed by a young generation that was studying also in less known universities and eventually, around 1970s it became part of everyday fashion. 

The style gained it’s peak of popularity in the 1980s, thanks to the book ‘’Official Preppy Handbook’’ written by Lisa Birnbach. The book originally intended to mock the way of living and fashion style of the elite part of society. Instead, it became a textbook for younger people of the lower class guiding how to look and be preppy.

preppy aesthetic


 Quick Preppy Aesthetic Guide | Key Points

Main Characteristics Of Preppy Aesthetic Style
 Preppy Aesthetic Style In Summer
Preppy Aesthetic Outfit Ideas
Where To Find Preppy Aesthetic Clothes?
What Other Aesthetic Styles Go Well With The Preppy Aesthetic?
Preppy Aesthetic Style - Summary

Main Characteristics Of Preppy Aesthetic Style

Preppy aesthetic clothes and accessories must be clean, perfectly ironed and should complement your figure. The preppy aesthetic color palette includes white, beige, navy blue, brown but also bottle green, mustard, orange, red and even pastel pink during summer time. 
Someone who likes preppy aesthetic would often choose outfits that have very characteristic elements when it comes to choice of accessories and type of clothes. These include:
  • jackets and blazers, often in navy blue or brown color;
  • harrington or baseball jacket;
  • chino trousers, made of cotton or corduroy, 
  • chino type of shorts, often in light color;
  • oxford cotton shirts in sky blue, pastel pink or white color;
  • t-shirts, sweatshirts and jumpers with a university symbol on it;
  • tank tops and sweaters popular among cricket players;
  • polo shirts;
  • white color trainers;
  • brogue type of shoes;
  • penny loafers or brouges;
  • tennis type of skirts;
  • flannel skirts;

 Preppy Aesthetic Style In Summer

The summer preppy aesthetic style is known for being very light and colorful. Think of the elite class students in the 90's that during holiday were taking part in entertainment activities. This could of been tennis matches, yacht cruises and friend meet ups at their summer time residencies. The choice of clothes isn't as strict here so more vibrant colors take a strong part in this style. 
preppy summer outfit

Preppy Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

preppy aesthetic clothes
Preppy aesthetic skirt will allow you to create your outfit within minutes. The skirt can be mix and match with anything from blouse, shirt, top to cardigan or sweater. It is one of the most feminine types of clothing you can opt for and it is so comfortable to wear. To compete the look, you can choose sneakers or heels (depending on what you planning to do on that day) and one of our aesthetic handbags. Having a few different types of aesthetic preppy skirts will allow you to create endless variations of your outfit. A must have in any preppy aesthetic wardrobe!
preppy outfit

When completing your preppy aesthetic outfit it's also best to invest in a few pairs of preppy style pants and jackets. The preppy aesthetic pants will go well with sweater, cardigan or a blouse plus the preppy jacket can be a great addition on a cooler days. Having a few different color variants will always give you more options to create something really unique.


Where To Shop For Preppy Aesthetic Clothes?

If you want to build your preppy aesthetic wardrobe it's best to start with shops that specialize in this type of aesthetic. Some of the most popular preppy style brands are Ralph LaurenTommy Hilfiger or Brooks Brothers. Just to keep in mind that these brands are more on the pricey side. If you are only just starting to build your preppy aesthetic style, it might be best to start with more affordable aesthetic online shops. Our collection of aesthetic preppy clothes has everything you need to get you started and for much more affordable price. Check our our preppy aesthetic clothes collection now!

What Other Aesthetic Styles Go Well With The Preppy Aesthetic?

Aesthetic styles that have many similarities with preppy aesthetic and will work really well when combined together are : dark/light academia, old money aesthetic, royalcore, and even some of the clothing pieces from vintage aesthetic style could do well when mixed together.

Preppy Aesthetic Style - Summary

We hope that this article will inspire you to create your own preppy aesthetic style. Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below and if you know someone that would find this blog post helpful please feel free share it with them or post it on your social media.

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