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Top 10 Accessories For Edgy Girl

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Edgy Style is gaining its popularity like never before! This strong, full of confidence style is loved by girls that do not follow already established trends, they set them themselves! They tend to think ahead of the curve and choose clothes that are unique and well... edgy. We believe that edgy style accessories can sometimes make all the difference in transforming your outfit in to something special. Want to add some edgy style to your wardrobe? Check out our top 10 accessories for edgy girl now!

#1 Edgy Leather Belt - $18.99

There is no better way of expressing your edgy style than with this black leather belt around your waist! The buckle features double prongs for extra support, while double rows of holes along the belt help you find an ideal fit for your body. 

edgy belt#2 Edgy Multilayer Chain Necklace - $12.99

This multilayer edgy necklaces has many popular elements with a like of lock, choker and keychain. Pair it with the edgy set of rings for a even greater look!

edgy necklaces


#3 Edgy ''Triangle'' Sunglasses - $15.00

These ultra edgy ''Triangle'' shades are made for the ones that like to make a fashion statement but prefer to keep their privacy at the same time. So stylish and comfortable to wear. Just perfect for a sunny day!

 edgy sunglasses

#4 Edgy iPhone Case - $14.99

If you're thinking about upgrading your iPhone then these phone cases are just for you! Premium protection combined with brilliant, edgy designs, perfect!

edgy iphone cases


#5 Edgy Heart Shape Bag - $37.00

Wearing this edgy heart-shaped handbag will show everyone how brave you are regarding your emotions. Perfect for adding a bit of edge to any outfit!

edgy handbag

#6 Edgy Key Earrings - $9.99

Simple and statement making at the same time. A great addition to add a bit of bling to your outfit.

edgy earrings

 Roses are red, violets are blue, the rose on this baseball hat was stitched just for you. Protect your face from the sun, save you from squinting and complete your edgy look at the same time!

edgy hat

#8 Edgy Set Of Rings - $13.99


Awesome edgy set of rings connected with little chain. Don't miss the chance to pick one up for yourself because we know you will absolutely love it!

edgy set of rings

#9 Edgy Snake Hair Pin - $8.00

Cool, edgy minimalist hair accessory that shows the world that you're a non conformist. It's so shiny and it's a snake! This cool accessory is beyond the traditional hair pin.


edgy hair pin


#10 Edgy Fishnet Tights - $12.50

This a classic must have for any girl with edgy style. Perfect for wearing under ripped jeans or with a mini skirt. Adds a bit of spice to any outfit.


edgy fishnet tights



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