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Top 10 E-Girl Hairstyles For 2024

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E-girl hairstyles are famous for their vibrant, provocative colors and uniqueness. It is also one of the most important parts of an E-girl aesthetic look. Its aim is not only to be unique but most importantly to show the world that you are the master of your fate and are not afraid to show your personality to others.
Whether you’re an e-girl or you’re simply a fan of the aesthetic style, we have shortlisted for you our top 10 E-girl hairstyles that are trending right now. Check out now and get your dose of aesthetic E-girl inspiration!

1. 90's Inspired Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights are nothing new and has been in fashion for some time now. We have to admit though, that E-girls took this style to the next level! High-contrast color is the key and it's usually applied to the front section of the hair for a more dramatic look. Our number one aesthetic E-girl hairstyle!

Instagram via @peeinpools_

2. All-Over Highlights

 All-over highlights in unnatural colors with a like of blue, pink, green or purple that creates an edgy, statement-making look. If you're new to making dramatic changes to your hair, we recommend to opt for a temporary hair color shampoo to test the look first! 

Instagram via @_1foq

3. Two Color Melt 

Two toned hair colors is officially a new E-girl hairstyle trend and we have to admit, we're in to it! Whether you choose light peach and pink color, like in the photo below, or any other colors, there is one thing for sure - you’ll look amazing!

 Instagram via @sugoimeg

4. Half & Half Hair Color

E-girl style is all about making a statement and what's more bold than choosing two colors split in the middle? Choose pastel colors for a softer look or pair up neon green with a black if you prefer to spice things up!

Instagram via @kidjess

5. Colored Hair Tips



Instagram via @mirna_kaplan

6. E-girl Pigtails

Pigtails were very popular in the 90's, but thanks to E-girls they’re now making a big comeback again. This hairstyle also looks great on natural color hair- just add a few of our edgy style hair clips and you'll be ready to go!

Instagram via @hair_slayerz

7. Hair Butterflies 

Another trendy hair style for E-girls is to add to their hair a bit of color with a like of butterfly clips and wear them along the hairline. The number one rule is - the more of them, the better!


Instagram via @nicaphan

8. Rainbow Style

This so aesthetic rainbow hair style is sure to draw the eye wherever you go. This bold look idea to rock all colors of the rainbow is perfect for the summer time. Why not get your hair to be as colorful as a unicorn once in your lifetime?

Instagram via @eve.frsr

9. Underneath Hair Color Style

 Hidden hair color is perfect alternative for those who don't want to show their e-girl hairstyle all the time. With this hair style, the color will only be revealed if you wear your hair in a certain way. This way you can keep your color hidden away while at school or when visiting your grandma! ;-) 


10. E-girl Space Buns

Space buns are another popular choice for E-girls and just like pigtails, it's the hairstyle that originated from the 90's. When opting for this type of hair style, we recommend to choose volume and texture over tight and sleek look. Adding a bit of glitter to your parting close to the roots will add that extra shine to your hair and will make your hairstyle perfect for a night out!

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