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Top Kawaii Aesthetic Outfits

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What Is Kawaii Style?

Kawaii is the Japanese word for anything cute. It's a style that gained it's popularity in the 90's and is inspired by mixture of goth, sweet colors and manga. This strange at first combination creates the classic kawaii look that is often seen on the streets when it comes to fashion but also as a lifestyle and a way of expressing yourselves.

How To Dress Kawaii?

To dress kawaii you need to start from basics. The good example here would be a school uniform consisting of a short plaid skirt and a bow being a classic elements of kawaii style school clothing. Kawaii style wardrobe also cannot function without pastel color coat or jacket, kawaii style sweatshirts with ears and tails, and the all time kawaii classic Hello Kitty prints. Additionally pastel colors, girly, cute dresses are another great example of everyday kawaii style fashion. For more variety in kawaii clothing you should also look for sweet floral and anime character prints, delicate fabrics with a like of lace, bows and other cute attributes. You should also never forget about makeup which should look natural and childish at the same time. This look could be achieved by adding enlarged lenses, kawaii eyelashes, making sure that your skin looks perfectly smooth (good foundation) and adding lip gloss in see-through or light pink color. 

Our Top Kawaii Aesthetic Outfits Ideas

The key to create a unique kawaii aesthetic outfit is to be able to combine the colors and patterns together in the way where you can let your personality to stand out. Below we have created for you our top kawaii aesthetic outfit combinations that will help you to get you started. Don't be afraid to experiment and really express yourselves!

kawaii outfits

Kawaii Style Accessories

Kawaii style accessories can make a huge different to your overall look and make you stand out from everyone else. Fluffy bunny ears, glitter/candy type elements, colorful chains, bows, little handbag or even an iPhone case can make all the difference. Check out our most popular kawaii accessories now!

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