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What Is An E-Girl?

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 What is an E-girl?

The truth is, that every generation had their own e-girl in the past. If we look back in history, we can still remember dark goths, mysterious emo or rebellious punk girls making their statement back in the days. Although their look was very different, we can be certain that music and aesthetic fashion always played an important role in all these subcultures. When taking a closer look at e-girls, there is one more factor added which hasn't been seen as much before and without, which we believe e-girls would not exist----> the internet. 
E-girls made their first appearance in 2009 and at the time they were seen more as gamers or cosplayers. They were mainly seen as girls that spend their time online playing games. It was up until 2017 when their image completely changed. With Tik Tok gaining its popularity among a young generation and generally in social media, E-girls became the new 'it girls''. With their dark and sweet appearance they quickly gained their fame no longer as a type of personality but also as a completely new aesthetic style. Who would've thought that combination of Hello Kitty and The Cure could become a new trend! ;-)


How to dress like an E-girl?

E-girl style is mainly inspired by Japanese culture, especially when it comes to  K-pop and anime. Their most recognizable characteristics are colorful, eye catching hairstyles, extreme makeup and unusual outfit combinations which are often inspired by goth, emo and punk style with an extra dose of sweet accents.

Below are our top E-Girl outfits that are currently taking over tik tok and instagram.

 e-girl outfit ideas@mellisa._.carrabyne  




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