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How To Be Aesthetic In 2024 | 5 Easy Steps To Become Aesthetic

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What does it mean to have your own aesthetic? Does it mean to stand out, to be more noticeable? Does it mean to focus on yourself? How about focusing on impressing others around us? To be aesthetic, is it to dress for yourself or for who ever we surround ourselves with?  To us, to be aesthetic is simply to be able to express ourselves through clothes we are wearing. It's something we consider to be timeless and it doesn't mean to don't pay attention to fashion. We take from it what suits us best, what best shows who we really are and reject everything that doesn't reflect us regardless of current trends and popular styles.



#1 Increased confidence and self-esteem. When you feel good about what you are wearing, you no longer seek approval of others. That feeling will also allow you to focus on what really matters and what you want to achieve that day. It will shift your focus from what other people think to what really matters the most - you.

#2 Less time and money spent on shopping. Knowing your types of aesthetic style will allow you to make smarter decisions about your buying choices. You will be paying attention to the specific colors, patterns, etc. and you will notice right away if the clothes shop you went to have something that you might want to buy. Making the right buying choices becomes so much easier when you know what you're looking for! 

#3 People will notice. Having your own, unique aesthetic style is not easy to achieve, but once you'll get there, you will notice that people start to notice your style. Being independent and original will always be admired.


Being aesthetic means knowing your own style and what suits you best. It also means not to be manipulated by current fashion trends and opinion of others. It's about feeling confident and allow your clothes to express who we are. Finding your aesthetic also doesn't happen overnight. It is something that is being developed and curated over the years. Here is where to start!

#1 Create a mood board

The most important part of the journey towards being aesthetic is first to find out who you are as a person. Do you consider yourself being shy and delicate or strong and adventurous? What colors do you like? Understanding yourself and knowing what things represent you, will make so much of an easier job to decide on how you want to be seen. Creating a mood board will help you to establish the direction you want to go to.

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#2 Take a good look at yourself

Think about what kind of clothes do you feel best dressed in. Remove from your wardrobe all the most favorite clothing items and accessories that  make you feel most confident when you wear them. The next step would be to put those items in front of you. Think about what those items have in common. Do you see any similarities? How about the photos of yourself that you might of collected over the years. In which photos do you think you look best and why? Figuring out what type of clothes you like the most will help you to create a base for your wardrobe so it's important to take some time doing this exercise. 

#3 Organize your wardrobe.

Organizing your wardrobe is the most crucial step to become aesthetic. The easiest way to start is to divide your clothes in to three sections:

Section 1 - clothes that you like the most and feel good wearing them.

Section 2 - clothes that you haven't worn for a year - even if you like them a lot.

Section 3 - clothes that you wear from time to time but you no longer sure about them. 

Here comes the hard part of getting your wardrobe organized... Start with asking yourself if it's worth investing your time, money and your precious space in your wardrobe in to the clothes that you never actually wear? Why not give those clothes away or sell them and spend the money on what you're really missing in your wardrobe?

When it come to clothes that end up in section 3, the best approach would be to think about the reasons why you no longer wear those items as often. Is it because they don't fit as well as they used to? Is it because you don't have enough of other clothes to match them? Answering those questions will help you to decide if they are still worth to keep them in your closet.

Organizing your wardrobe will give a clarity about what you actually have in your closet that you can wear and what is it that you might be still missing. 

#4 Create a base for your aesthetic style.

Creating a starting base of your clothes is the first step that will help you to build your aesthetic style. Having a base for your aesthetic style will limit any doubts about how to match your clothes. Your base should be a mixture of tops, pants, dresses, skirts, sweatshirts etc. Anything that will help you to create at least a few different outfits from combining them. Once everything will fit together, you will notice how easy it is to make decision about what to wear and how to make your style really unique. Remember, clarity and simplicity is what gives your mind more space for new ideas.

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#5 Get Inspired.

When looking for inspiration, it's best to start with friends and people that you already know and admire for their style. Ask them how they created their own aesthetic style and what was their journey to achieve that. Another option would be to find an influencer or a fashion blogger that has aesthetic style that you particularly like and feel that you might want to pick few ideas from. Learn about different types of aesthetics and identify the ones that inspire you the most.

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Women that are confident, know their worth and are independent also know their own aesthetic style. They don't copy anyone or blindly follow the latest fashion trends. They observe what's happening around them in the fashion world but they choose only things that match their personality and what's ''belongs to them''. Having your own aesthetic style makes you powerful and confident in your own skin.



Finding your own aesthetic style and being aesthetic takes time and effort. It's a journey of finding out who you are and how you want to express yourself. Be patient and enjoy the journey!
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